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Hints & Suggestions (First, Do No Harm)

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The web is fundamentally different from other platforms, built around a radically political vision for resilience and user-control. CSS takes that to another level, attempting the almost absurd task of collaborative styling across devices and interfaces and languages. This is a quick dive into the origins of the web, and CSS in particular—the design constraints, and the range of strange proposals, and how we got where we are. By the end, we see the CSS is Awesome meme in a whole new light.

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This is a talk session at the 11ty International Symposium on Making Web Sites Real Good.

CloudCannon Artist Activist
Miriam stands in front of a microphone doing some public speaking with a slide deck projected in the background. Miriam Suzanne
A web site made real good:

Miriam is an artist, developer, and open web advocate. She’s a co-founder of OddBird, providing a range of web design and development services; and Invited Expert on the W3C CSS Working Group, developing new web standards like Cascade Layers, Container Queries, and Scope; and member of the Sass core team. Miriam also provides in-depth CSS workshops and trainings, along with the team at OddBird. Offline, she might be repairing clocks, knitting socks, or creating hybrid performances with Teacup Gorilla & Grapefruit Lab.


Time Talk
15:15 UTC
The Future of 11ty
15:45 UTC
Hints & Suggestions (First, Do No Harm)
16:10 UTC
11ty and Large-Project Tooling
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