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Light mode versus Dark mode

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It doesn’t have to be this way. Some people have very real physical reasons to need one mode over another. The rest of us are also allowed to have our favourites, or might prefer light mode in some situations and dark in others.

What if Sara said it was super easy to code up both dark and light modes at the same time? Despite Sara’s evangelising efforts, not enough people know of the CSS property color-scheme and how powerful it is.

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This is a talk session at the 11ty International Symposium on Making Web Sites Real Good.

CloudCannon Artist Activist
A drawn avatar of Sara, with short brown hair and red glasses. Their eyes are closed and are smiling. They are wearing green overalls and a purple shirt. Sara Joy
A web site made real good:

Sara has been extremely online since 1998, making her own personal websites since 1999. She fell off the wagon some time around 2010, until getting back on it in 2021 to switch her career from electronic engineering to web development. She loves the web platform, and wants it to be accessible to everyone.


Time Talk
19:55 UTC
Chinese Type Systems
20:10 UTC
Light mode versus Dark mode
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