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Don't Fear the Cascade

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In this talk, Mayank will teach the audience how to make sense of the cascade, clear up some common misconceptions (e.g. shadow DOM vs host context styles), and ultimately offer practical advice on how to make best use of the cascade.

They will show off some newer game-changing CSS features (like :where, cascade layers, and @scope) that enable us to write styles with confidence and intention. They may also sprinkle in some tips on how these new features interact with current workflows, including frameworks, build tools, browser devtools, and IDEs.

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This is a talk session at the 11ty International Symposium on Making Web Sites Real Good.

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A photo of Mayank, with ear-length hair covering one eye. They are wearing a pair of dark rimmed glasses and have medium length dark facial hair. They are looking down and wearing a black t-shirt. Mayank
A web site made real good:

Mayank is a design engineer who cares deeply about accessibility and inclusivity. They enjoy working with new, revolutionary web tech, such as HTML and CSS. In their free time, they run their mouth on their personal blog.


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18:15 UTC
11ty Sites for People Who Don't Think they are Web Developers
18:30 UTC
Don't Fear the Cascade
18:55 UTC
Managing content management (with no vendor lock-in): Git CMS and static API generation, together at last!
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